Paper Yarn Bag #3

Paer Yarn Bag

Paper yarn bag is made with our paper yarn bag making machine, which consists of 2-layer of sack paper inside and outside, between the paper is PVA glued yarn net, it helps to reinforce the bags. The bags have good performance of high strength, anti-aging, moisture proof, heat resistant, environment friendly etc. 

Paper Yarn Bag

Now, the paper yarn bag has been  widely used as industrial bags  for agricultural products, building materials, chemicals, foodstuff, animal feed, petrochemical etc. 

Paper Yarn Bag Features:

1.  High Aging Resistance

Two layers sack paper prevents the light and ultraviolet radiation out of the paper yarn bag, which helps the bag to keep a strong aging resistance for a long time, and the strength of bag can be last longer.

2. High Strength 

Paper yarn bag is wrapped circle by circle without break points, it forms a whole yarn net without centre joint, which reinforces the bag strength.

3. High-temperature Resistance

Burning point of the kraft paper is 183℃, and the yarn can resist the high temperature of 180℃ under no water condition. With our unique design, the paper yarn bag can keep a strong strength under conditions of 180℃.

4. Moisture Proof and Air Permeability

When manufacture the paper yarn bag, the yarn net is pressed into PVA film which between the two pieces of paper, it takes the effect of binder and moisture proof. At the same time, there are many tiny holes during the production of rolling plasmogen which help to release air freely. 

5. Stack without Slipping

The winding yarns of three directions form the 15° angle and make up many triangles, which strengthens the friction force between the bags. Take 500*800MM bag for example, it can stack 40 bags, about 4 meters high. 

6. Environmental Friendly

After recycling, the paper form pulp, the raw material of paper, and in the water of 85℃, the yarn will dissolve into PVA which is necessary for paper production. Also, the ink printed on the paper is water-based ink, a non-toxic and environment friendly ink. In all, the used bags can be recycled and without environmental pollution.


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